Q&A With A Procter & Gamble Assistant Brand Manager


Stephanie Tacconelli, a 2010 graduate from the commerce program at Queen’s University, originally became interested in working as Assistant Brand Manager during an internship with a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company the summer after her third year.

Then, during the fall campus recruitment period at the start of Stephanie’s fourth year, she applied to Procter & Gamble and went through the recruitment process. Today, she works in marketing as an Assistant Brand Manager!

We recently visited Stephanie at P&G’s head office in Toronto to find out how she was hired and what it’s like to be an Assistant Brand Manager at P&G.

P&G looks for people who have passion and leadership skills

One of the qualities that differentiated Stephanie in the recruitment process was her involvement in a leadership program at Queen’s where she mentored Grade 11 and 12 students in business and applying business skills to affect change in their community.

She says it doesn’t necessarily matter what you are passionate about, but it is important to show that you take ownership of your work and that you are driven to accomplish change.

Working in teams is a key part of the ABM role

Stephanie says the most challenging interview question she faced during the recruitment process related to how she would deal with challenges and diverse people in a group setting – Assistant Brand Managers work in a variety of teams on a daily basis, both in marketing and with other departments. She was well-prepared for this type of experience because she often had the opportunity to do group work in the commerce program at Queen’s.

Get involved and stay involved to fit in at P&G

For Stephanie, the best part of starting her career at P&G is constantly working with people who she is inspired by and excited to work with. Everyone is passionate about continuing to make P&G a successful, thriving company.

Besides being passionate about the work, P&G employees are also very interested in activities and team-building within the organization. There are tons of extra-curricular and networking opportunities within the company, and by attending them, you meet new colleagues that end up being your friends outside of work.

Stephanie suggests taking all opportunities, both at school and work, to get involved. Find something you are passionate about and take on a leadership role!


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