Average Starting Salaries For Junior Roles In The Petroleum Industry


With a labour shortage and increasing energy demands on the horizon, careers in the oil and gas industry have a strong outlook for the future.

Canada has the second largest oil and gas reserves in the world and is the third largest natural gas producer in the world. The oil and gas industry in Canada is truly a national industry: 12 out of 13 provinces have some form of oil and gas activity.

To help satisfy the ongoing demand, the industry is hiring now. In particular, the industry is looking for innovative people with an interest in technology to help develop new ways to reach previously unavailable oil deposits.

This means that junior roles are usually well-paying in this industry, although they vary by location, employer and type of position. New grads working at remote locations can typically expect to earn more than those who are primarily based out of a large city, such as Calgary and Toronto. The majority of employers also offer sweet benefits packages and relocation assistance!

Students interested in making a meaningful environmental contribution might enjoy working with companies who currently invest millions of dollars to help reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

Because the industry will lose a lot of Baby Boomers over the next 10 years, it is eager to attract younger workers. That’s why many companies are coming up with creative benefits packages to attract Gen Y like flexible work schedules, incentives to help improve work/life balance with discounted gym memberships and positive work cultures.


Geological Engineer Mechanical Engineer
Toronto: Starting at $52,659 Toronto: $44,832
Montreal: $50,905 Montreal: $41,586
Vancouver: $54,199 Vancouver: $44,068
Edmonton: $53,644 Edmonton: $45,476


Reservoir Engineer Materials Engineer
Toronto: $58,491 Toronto: $46,705
Montreal: $55,061 Montreal: $44,566
Vancouver: $56,709 Vancouver: $45,810
Edmonton: $57,373 Edmonton: $46,773


Petroleum Engineer Chemical Engineer
Toronto: $58,684 Toronto: $46,609
Montreal: $56,438 Montreal: $46,355
Vancouver: $58,756 Vancouver: $49,376
Edmonton: $59,118 Edmonton: $52,336


Professional Engineer (P.Eng. certificate) Lab Technologist
Toronto: $48,952 Toronto: $35,326
Montreal: $46,511 Montreal: $34,135
Vancouver: $47,852 Vancouver: $35,833
Edmonton: $48,688 Edmonton: $36,004


More starting salaries in the petroleum industry:

  • Geologist/Geophysicist: Starting at $53,058
  • Engineering Technology: Starting at $63,620
  • Administrative Assistant: Starting at $34,000
  • Production Engineer: Starting at $60,359
  • Environmental Engineer: Starting at $45,077

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