Average Starting Salaries: Financial Services 2014

Average Starting Salaries For New Grads In Financial Services Jobs


There are so many different career paths you can take within the Financial Services industry – that’s evident when just browsing through the diverse jobs we have on TalentEgg’s Career Spotlight: Financial Services.

We’ve put together a list of the average starting salaries for some jobs in the finance industry in three major Canadian cities.

These numbers are based on 2010 reported salaries in this industry. Usually, 10% should be added for any professional certifications and graduate degrees.

Don’t forget that some financial services roles at some companies, such as Financial and Insurance Advisors, receive commissions or bonuses on top or in lieu of a base salary – these types of roles can have unlimited earning potential.

Actuary Financial Advisor
Toronto: Starting at $47, 872 Toronto: $38,275
Montreal: $43,704 Montreal: $35,066
Vancouver: $45,608 Vancouver: $34,367


Insurance Claims Representative Insurance Broker
Toronto: $39,277 Toronto: $31,000
Montreal: $36,770 Montreal: $29,307
Vancouver: $38,624 Vancouver: $29,051


Junior Actuarial Analyst Underwriter
Toronto: $47,952 Toronto: $40,860
Montreal: $45,887 Montreal: $38,882
Vancouver: $47,485 Vancouver: $40,915


Financial Planner Financial Services Representative
Toronto: $43,684 Toronto: $31,814
Montreal: $39,857 Montreal: $30,759
Vancouver: $41,262 Vancouver: $32,199


You’re in demand: the finance, insurance and real estate industries had the highest projected hiring for the fourth quarter in 2011, with 29% of hiring authorities saying they plan to increase their staff, according to a Robert Half Employment Report which interviewed over 1,000 executives in Canada. Nearly half of hiring managers in the finance and accounting industry also said they have challenges finding skilled professionals to fill these roles.


Photo credit: LearningDSLRVideo.com