Secrets Of My Success At Hydro One: Kim, Protection And Control Engineer


Kim is a Protection and Control Engineer from Rocky Bay First Nation on Lake Nipigon in northwestern Ontario who has been working at Hydro One for the past six years – ever since she graduated from Lakehead University. This summer, she took the time to talk to us about how she landed her job and why she loves working for Hydro One.

The hiring process

Kim checked her career office at Lakehead and noticed that Hydro One was recruiting, so she filled out the online application and it wasn’t too long before they contacted her. She went for two interviews: the first was in Winnipeg, where she was living at the time, and the second was in Toronto, which gave her an appreciation of where Hydro One’s main office is located.

Many opportunities within Hydro One

One of the things that really drew Kim to Hydro One was the opportunity to start in one location and then have the chance to explore many other places within the same organization.

In her job, Kim works in protection and control with transmission systems and focuses on how to solve problems with faults in the overall system. Lucky for her, she gets to work in the field and try out different new technologies coming in to the system. Very egg-citing!

What you need to succeed

Kim says she believes that the most important skills to develop are your interpersonal skills. One of the most common challenges anyone will face in the workplace is working with diverse groups of people.

As someone who completed post-secondary education later in life than most, Kim says she thinks it was her drive to succeed and pursue an engineering degree that Hydro One recognized. In her eyes, it’s important to be persistent and stay driven. That’s the secret to her success.

Hydro One has co-op, internship, apprenticeship, summer and entry-level opportunities. Visit to apply or, to learn more about about what it’s like to work at Hydro One, visit or


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