Secrets Of My Success At Hydro One: Syed, Assistant Network Management Engineer


While completing his master’s degree at McGill University, Syed originally thought he would go on to complete a PhD and become a professor.

But a friend of his who was already working for Hydro One suggested he take some time off school to get some work experience, so Syed went online and applied for Hydro One’s new grad program. His supervisor at school had also told him that it was a leader in the industry and a great company to work for.

He says the program appealed to him because it’s designed to give engineers an overview of the entire company while they rotate through different areas to fully understand each aspect of the Hydro One systems.

Syed scored an interview with Hydro One and he says the research he did in grad school really impressed the person who interviewed him because it was very applicable to Hydro One.

Today, he’s been working at Hydro One for about three years and is now an Assistant Networking Management Engineer.

His advice to current students who want to follow in his footsteps?

  • Get yourself out there and start networking
  • Do anything and everything you’re asked to do during your co-op work terms because it’s all valuable experience

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Hydro One has co-op, internship, apprenticeship, summer and entry-level opportunities. Visit to apply or, to learn more about about what it’s like to work at Hydro One, visit or


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