Behind The Scenes With KPMG Summer Interns At The National Boardroom Skills Case Competition


KPMG interns from across Canada agree on at least two things: a summer internship with KPMG is an awesome experience and one of the major highlights of the internship program is the National Boardroom Skills Case Competition, which was held again this year at KPMG’s head office in Toronto on July 18, 2011.

Similar to last year’s competition, interns were faced with the challenge of developing recruitment strategies for attracting students and new graduates to KPMG.

Tom, Jin, Andrea and Ryan from Team Regions were the winners of NBSC!
Tom, Jin, Andrea and Ryan from Team Regions (London and Windsor) were the winners

At the local level, teams competed to represent their local office or region at the national finals held in Toronto.

Then, at the national competition, interns from across the country square off in front of senior leaders of the firm with their ideas and take part in other team building and networking activities for the day.

“Our team won the Vancouver competition, so we were given the chance to come to Toronto and compete against teams from other offices,” says Michael Meloche, a summer intern from KPMG’s Vancouver office. “We presented today and they selected a winner based on our presentations.”

Tom Krizanovic, a summer intern from Windsor who was part of the winning Team Regions, said, “It’s been a great experience, both being able to meet all the different interns throughout and as well as getting some sort of experience aside from auditing.”

While the competition was a highlight for many of the interns, it was just one small part of a four-month summer internship.

KPMG’s Summer Internship Program

“I would have never expected this to be what a summer internship at an accounting firm would be like.” —Preethi Ganesan, summer intern, KPMG (Calgary)

“From A to Z, the experience at KPMG has been incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to work with 29 other great interns and, honestly, I can’t imagine spending my time anywhere else than KPMG this summer,” says Anthony Karaganis, a summer intern from Montreal.

“I would have never expected this to be what a summer internship at an accounting firm would be like,” says Calgary summer intern Preethi Ganesan. “This is just amazing, with the rotations, with the opportunities that we’re given in terms of coming out and representing our office as an intern.”

Julia Rea, a summer intern from Toronto, says she was held responsible and accountable for a lot of work right from the beginning. “From the first day, I was interviewing the client, asking for different working papers and documents. I was surprised at how much work we do and how fast you move along, but it’s so supportive because you have a great team.”

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