Top Talent Special: Canada’s Next Great Leader, Haley Kenny


Haley Kenny, winner of TalentEgg’s Next Great Leader Contest, is well on her way to becoming a political powerhouse in Canada.

A third year political science with honours student at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Haley has been interested in politics since middle school.

In high school, Haley was selected to attend a Model Legislature event in Halifax, participated in Ottawa’s Forum for Young Canadians, was an active member of her school’s student government, and managed to score the role of Prime Minister (in a school of 1,800) for her school’s mock parliament event.

“I loved the discussion and debate that occurred at mock parliament events and I realized that if I really wanted to make a difference in the world, political action was the way to do it.”
Haley Kenny, TalentEgg’s Next Great Leader Contest winner

It was this extensive involvement that allowed Haley to envision a career in politics. “I loved the discussion and debate that occurred at mock parliament events and I realized that if I really wanted to make a difference in the world, political action was the way to do it.”

And so, Haley enrolled in Memorial University’s political science program and set her sights on climbing the political ladder.

Here, Haley tells us why she loves politics and why she’s going to succeed in what many view as a high-stress, cut-throat profession.

What is it about a career in politics that interests you?

I love exploring new ideas and discussing the various perspectives that can exist on a single issue. Although, in reality, differing perspectives can create conflict, the benefit of living in a democratic society is that we often have the opportunity to openly discuss and address these issues.

More importantly, beyond just discussion, political action has the ability to enact real change.

I strongly believe that the way to an improved economy, society, etc., in Canada (and internationally) is through political action. Governments have the ability to make positive change and I want to be a part of that. I want to work on behalf of the people of Canada to improve their lives.

Where do you see yourself twenty years from now?

Ultimately, I want to hold enough power in parliament that I’m able to influence decision making in a positive way. If that requires me to be Prime Minister of Canada, then I aspire to be Prime Minister. If I can enact change as a party leader, then I’ll do that. It’s not so much about the title as it is the actual influence I will have.

However, I know that I still have a long way to go until I can achieve that goal. To get there, I plan on first becoming a Professor.  After some years of teaching and research, I’ll more directly pursue a political career.

What makes you TalentEgg’s Next Great Leader?

I have the passion that it takes to spark a career in politics, but I also have the motivation and drive to actually make it. I’m extremely self-motivated and I’m constantly searching for new ways to get involved.

I’m also open to criticism and listening to the needs and interests of others. I think this is an important quality in any leader, because it ensures you don’t lose sight of what’s important, and that’s that you’re there to represent the nation and its interests as a whole. A good leader is someone who is passionate about other peoples’ needs.

We couldn’t agree more. We’re also pretty certain that Haley is headed toward a successful and rewarding career in politics. After all, the motivation and drive that she mentions is what lead to her winning our Next Great Leader Contest!

Congratulations Haley and good luck!

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