Don’t Get Trapped In One Industry: Search Outside Your Degree Type


Are you coming out of school with a degree and not sure where to go next to pursue a career?

Well, you’ve taken a great first step by visiting TalentEgg, but don’t be limited in the searching you do on this site (or any career site for that matter).

A degree in accounting doesn’t mean you need to join an accounting firm. A degree in computer science doesn’t mean you need to work for a technology company.

“You want to identify your transferable skills and tackle position types versus one specific industry.” —Debbie Bottineau, Regional Vice-President, OfficeTeam

Students are too often limiting themselves to a specific industry and not looking out for the multitude of opportunities available in other industries that are still suited to their training. Think outside the industry box.

“[Students] have their minds set on one specific industry, which can really limit their job opportunities,” says Debbie Bottineau, Regional Vice-President of OfficeTeam. There are so many opportunities across a variety of industries that are neglected because people think the jobs don’t exist.

Debbie also suggests not limiting yourself by solely focusing on full-time positions. “A lot of employers are looking for hands-on work experience, so don’t just focus on full-time opportunities. Look at temporary and contract positions as well.”

So now that you’re ready to start searching and you’ve reached a career site (like TalentEgg), where do you begin?

“I would say as a starting point, look broad from an industry perspective,” says Debbie. “You want to identify your transferable skills and tackle position types versus one specific industry.”

This means looking at how the skills that you possess fit into the position to be filled. It may be surprising to be a finance graduate on your way to working in agriculture, but the job requirements could directly relate to the skills you possess.

Debbie also suggests looking often for new positions that open up. There are new student and new grad jobs posted daily, and if your search is broad, you are bound to find something suited to you.

“For students, right now is really the best time to step up their job search,” she says. “With vacation time and people taking time off over the summer, there will actually be less competition for them from a candidate perspective.”

So get started now! Take a look around for a ton of egg-citing opportunities available in different industries. We’re here to help you launch your career.

Photo credit: Trapped #1 by Timo Waltari on Flickr