5 Things Students And Grads Need To Know About Canada’s Digital Media Industry


The majority of people working in Canada’s digital media industry are young, well-educated and very satisfied with their work.

These were the findings of the first annual Pixel to Product research study, a report on Canada’s digital media economy released in May.

Although the study examined the industry as a whole, some of the results are definitely of interest to students and recent grads who want to start a career in digital media.

“The findings indicate that there’s a huge opportunity economy for students and graduates looking to jump start a career in digital media.” —Justin Kozuch, Lead Researcher, Pixel to Product research study

“The findings indicate that there’s a huge opportunity economy for students and graduates looking to jump start a career in digital media,” says Justin Kozuch, the lead researcher for the study.

“With the number of companies projecting to hire in 2011, finding work wouldn’t be a challenge. We expect this trend to continue upwards on a year over year basis, as agencies look to diversify their offerings, as brands become more tech-savvy when it comes to digital media, and as our economy improves.”

TalentEgg took a look at the survey to help determine what YOU need to know know about this innovative industry.

1. It’s a growing industry and companies are hiring!

Nearly three quarters (73.4%) of agency owners indicated that they would be increasing the size of their labour force within the next year. That means a ton of jobs will continue to be available for incoming graduates in a field that is sparking a lot of interest in Canada and globally.

2. It’s a “young” industry, dominated by Gen Y professionals.

About two thirds (60.2%) of the Canadian digital media workforce are between the ages of 22 and 34, with the average age being 28.2 years old. Companies are hiring younger employees because they are users of digital media themselves.

3. They’re looking for digital experts – and you could be one of them.

According to the report, specific digital skills are in high-demand. These include mobile application development, social media marketing and monitoring, community management. With the popularity of social media like Twitter and Facebook reaching so many platforms, it’s clear why there is a place in the industry for professionals that possess these skills.

4. There are a few ways to get noticed.

When asked how they recruit for their companies, most employers reported that word of mouth was the leading tool for networking with a company. Other important ways to recruit included social media tools, professional networks, and job boards.

5. You’re probably going to like it. Most people do!

The majority of survey respondents indicated moderate to high satisfaction with their employment situations (74.8%). Employees of the digital media industry love what they do, so ditch the notion that it’s not possible to love what you do and get into an industry that is constantly innovating and improving itself.

Photo credit: Vitale Digital Media Lab by Weigle Information Commons on Flickr