TalentEgg Round Up – Everything You Need To Know To Rock Your Summer Job Or Internship


Thousands of college and university students and recent grads started summer internships this month.

Some are paid, some are unpaid. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter, though, is that you do everything you possibly can to make the most of your summer internship.

Whether your goal is to get meaningful experience, build your network or land a job at the end of the summer (or all three!), these must-read and must-watch TalentEgg resources will help you get the job done and then some.


How Students Can Make A Good Impression At A Co-op Placement Or Internship

Going out on a co-op work term or internship for the first time can be daunting. Aside from showing up to work, there’s a lot you should do to make a good impression. Here are 7 tips to help you make the most of your experience.
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Dos And Don’ts Of Post-Grad Internships

Do: Feel totally stoked about working for the company you choose. Internships, while beneficial to your resumé, can take a lot out of you — especially when you receive little or no pay. The better you make yourself feel about this short-term career investment, the better you’ll perform.
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How To Survive And Thrive In A Sink Or Swim Internship

Sitting at your desk a few weeks into your dream internship and you’re frozen, unmoving. Looking at your hands on the keyboard in front of you, you notice all your nails are bitten to the quick. You try to make headway on your assignment, but don’t even know where to begin.
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Advice From A Former MuchMusic Intern

Even if an internship does not lead to a job right away, building and maintaining relationships will make it easier to find a job later. Melissa urges prospective interns to “keep in touch with the people you meet – you never know when they’ll need your help or you’ll need theirs.”
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How To Get Your Dream Job: Make The Most Of Your Internship

Congratulations—you got the internship! Okay, so you’re probably still not getting paid, but at least you’ve gotten your foot in the door. Last summer, I interned for three months with Canadian Family magazine and, since then, I’ve found two other magazine internships, so I’m ready to help you out.
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How Barack Obama Made My Dream Internship Come True

As an aspiring young journalist, friends and family members are constantly joking around, saying things such as, “Oh, one day you’ll be interviewing celebrities” or “Pretty soon you’ll be writing about the president.” Although they’re usually half-joking, sometimes it can actually happen. It happened to me. I got the chance to do something young reporters everywhere dream of: cover a public address of the President of the United States of America.
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What Can Students And Recent Grads Do To Stand Out At An Internship?

Kate did an internship with MTV while she was in school and now works at MTV headquarters in Toronto. Lauren asked her how she made her way up from intern to employee.

TalentEgg Intern Offers Valuable Advice For Students About To Start Their Own Internships

Before she left the Egg Carton (a.k.a., our office!), Natalia offered some advice to help students and recent grads who are about to start their own internships, and also disclosed some of the things which have helped her ace at least two job interviews.

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