TalentEgg On Twitter – Did Your School/Program Make You Career-Ready?


There’s been a lot of debate in the media and among students, recent grads, career centres and employers about whether colleges and (particularly) universities prepare students well enough to find meaningful jobs in their field.

Some, including many students and recent grads, and their parents, think post-secondary institutions should get with the times and provide more practical, hands-on, modern education that can transition easily into the working world.

Others, however, say that the point of post-secondary education is to gain knowledge, not to provide career training.

Inspired by today’s Student Voice submission by a recent graduate who says his Bachelor of Commerce in marketing program didn’t make him career-ready, we asked our Twitter followers whether their program or school prepared them to be able to find a job and work in the “real world”.

What do you think? You can get involved in the conversation by commenting below, tweeting us @TalentEgg, or leaving a message on our Facebook page.

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Thanks for your replies, everyone!

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