Behind The Scenes Of The MasterCard Canada Internship: Everything You Need To Know


This summer, MasterCard Canada is giving four students the opportunity to put top tier work experience on their resumés.

From May 9 to August 26, two product interns and two marketing interns will get to learn from the best in the business – MasterCard president Betty DeVita, and partners at Indigo, Roots, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and more.

“Creativity is key – we’re looking for interns who are passionate about the opportunities that working in a digital space provides.”
Nicole Avery, Vice President/Business Leader of Consumer and Digital Marketing, MasterCard

The top interns will also get the chance to attend meetings in New York, and because MasterCard prefers its employees to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments, each intern will be taking home a cool new tablet.

We know, we know: you’re probably already sold.

But in case you’re looking for more info or want to know how you can make your MasterCard Canada internship application stand out, we asked Nicole Avery, Vice President/Business Leader of Consumer and Digital Marketing at MasterCard, about the company, the internships and how students like you can impress MasterCard with your applications.

Q. Aside from letting students buy textbooks and pay tuition with their credit cards, what does MasterCard do?
A. MasterCard is all about helping people pay for their purchases conveniently, safely and increasingly in new and exciting ways. For example, using our contactless technology called PayPass you don’t even need to swipe your card to pay for your coffee, just tap and go. We’re helping change the way we pay for things and how we’re communicating with our customers makes this a particularly exciting time.

Q. What is it like working at MasterCard Canada?
A. MasterCard is a dynamic, high-energy company that is also very involved in the community. We work in small, very collaborative teams, which presents all kinds of opportunities to try new things while still being able to learn from what some of the best global teams in the business are doing. For marketers, working at MasterCard is an opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading global brands, and for product development, we’re on the leading edge of innovative mobile payment technology.

Q. How do these internships fit into what MasterCard does?
A. Two of our new interns will be working with our products. This is an exciting time in our industry as we’re moving toward mobile payments – essentially using innovative technology that will let you use your phone as the payment tool, instead of needing the traditional credit card. MasterCard is leading the development of the cool, contactless payment technology that will make mobile payments possible. The two marketing positions will give our interns an opportunity to work with our issuing partners, the banks and other partners, as well as in the digital space.

Q. At the very least, students need to use Twitter and LinkedIn as part of the application process. Will the interns be working with social media and other digital tools during their internships?
A. Absolutely. Social media is presenting some terrific new marketing opportunities for MasterCard. We’re using these digital channels to reach people in a whole new way and engage with them directly.

Q. It looks like marketing and product management analysis are a big part of the internships. Do you need to have a business degree to be considered?
A. A lot of internships discount the skills and qualities that students with arts degrees and non-business backgrounds bring to the table – that’s one reason why we wanted to take a creative approach to our internship program this year. Though for the product internship, a business degree would be an asset.

Q. The job description says previous experience can be a “plus” – what kind of experience are you looking for?
A. Anything that demonstrates leadership – in your community or at school – would be a plus as well as extra-curricular activities, previous internships, co-ops and summer jobs you’ve held.

Q. Do you have any tips to help students with their applications?
A. Creativity is key – we’re looking for interns who are passionate about the opportunities that working in a digital space provides. I’d also suggest they consider what they can do to ensure their application link goes viral.

Q. Should students hurry to get their application in early, or is it OK to work on them until April 22?
A. I wouldn’t want anyone to sacrifice creativity for speed, so we’ll be accepting applications until April 22. But at the same time why wait until the last minute? An internship with MasterCard would be a priceless experience to put on your resumé!

MasterCard CanadaClick here to read the full MasterCard Canada internship job description on TalentEgg.

The deadline to apply is Friday, April 22!


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