Top Talent: Queen’s School Of Business Commerce Student Tracy Zhang


Tracy Zhang – the self-proclaimed Energizer bunny of marketing – is finishing her third year in the Queen’s School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

Tracy is interested in pursuing a career in marketing and advertising, specifically marketing in digital spaces.

She recently told us about some of her experiences and why that makes her TalentEgg Top Talent!

“I’m ambitious and I’m a go-getter. I embrace every opportunity and challenge that comes my way.” —Tracy Zhang, Commerce, Queen’s University


Tell us about something unrelated to your career path that shows you’re going to be a superstar in the workforce

I’d always been interested in photography as a hobby. When I was 17, a talent agent saw my pictures and asked me to photograph headshots for her acting agency. I took this opportunity and started a photography business.

After running this headshot business for two years, I transitioned into fashion photography. I’ve worked with agency-represented models, assisted world-renowned photographers and styled magazine editorials. Last year, I made it a goal to be published and since then, my work has been in three independent magazines, with a fourth publication on the way!

I took a hobby and developed it into a business that I love. My entrepreneur spirit pushes me to excel in any environment.


What have your Top 3 life experiences been, and how can you relate those experiences to your career?

1. “Making it” in the fashion business

Photography has changed me in so many ways. My photography business is the reason I’m studying commerce now; it was my first taste of the business world and of entrepreneurship.

Photography has also taught me to never give up. I’ve wanted to be published in a magazine since I transitioned into fashion photography at 19. It’s been a long year of juggling photography with school, networking in the industry, submitting editorials to magazines, handling rejections, and learning to keep pushing every time. I was so thrilled to see my work published in October.

2. Traveling around the world

This is an on-going life experience. I spent most of my early childhood living in Asia before coming to North America with my family.

Moving to Canada was a huge adjustment for me but it also catalyzed my interest in learning about different cultures. Between late 2010 and early this year, I spent eight months studying abroad in France and the UK. Eventually, I want to have lived on every continent of the world.

My globetrotting aspiration shows I’m open-minded and eager to learn. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

3. Interning at Google

In 2010, I spent an amazing summer interning at Google. I view this as more of a life experience because the internship has really left an impression on me both personally and professionally.

I moved to Toronto for the job and for the first time, lived by myself in a rental apartment. I travelled around on business quite a bit and learned to look after myself.

Working at Google has also taught me a lot about the digital landscape and about marketing. I made lasting friendships and met great mentors. I will take this experience with me wherever I go.


If an employer called your best friend for a reference, what would she say to get you the job?

Kaitlin Shung, third year commerce student at Queen’s University:

My multi-talented friend leaves a lasting impression on everybody she meets. She’s dynamic, engaging and has an inspiring vivacity for life and adventure.

I’ve gone to school with Tracy for three years now and it always surprises me how she is able to connect with so many different kinds of people. I’ve never met somebody who gets along equally well with someone quiet and reserved as well as someone loud and opinionated, consequentially her capacity for collaboration and teamwork is immense and valuable.


What’s so special about you that it would make employers compete to recruit you?

This is a tough one. I’d have to say I’m unique because I never sleep and I never give up. Well…I sometimes sleep, but I do never give up. I’m ambitious and I’m a go-getter. I embrace every opportunity and challenge that comes my way.

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