RW&CO. Regional Sales Manager Says Passion Is Key To A Successful Career In Retail


According to RW&CO. Regional Sales Manager Pina Pileggi, one of the best things about a career in the retail industry is that there are so many different avenues to take.

For example, just within a store, there are visual positions, stock positions, sales associate positions, as well as management positions. And if you start in an entry level role at Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.’s head office, there are opportunities in many different departments, such as human resources, loss prevention, buying and marketing, to name a few.

Fashion is also a huge part of retail, so if you love fashion, the retail industry is a good place to start your career. Pina says you get to see the latest fashions every day and you also have the opportunity to dress customers and make them feel great about themselves.

She says starting as a part-time sales associate is valuable experience to help you learn about how retail companies operate. Also, many companies, including Reitmans’ seven brands, invest a lot of time and energy in training their front-line employees and often choose to promote from within.

Pina says Reitmans is a great Canadian company and it’s a great place to work because they have a lot of respect for their employees. Every person in the company is important and the leaders are very accessible to front-line employees – they take time to visit the stores and get to know the people who are working in the stores.

If she could give one piece of advice to students or recent grads, it would be to do your research on companies and their various brands. Reitmans has seven “banners” and they’re all different, so it’s improtant to know what their values are and what they stand for before you start working there because you might be a better fit for one over the other.

Pina says the key to impressing her during a job interview is demonstrating passion and enthusiasm because she’s looking to see how the personalities of potential front-line employees will impact RW&CO.’s customers.


Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.Visit Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.’s profile on TalentEgg to learn more about their seven divisions and starting your retail career in one of their stores or at their head office in Montreal.


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