RW&CO. Regional Sales Manager Started Her Retail Career As A Part-Time Sales Associate


RW&CO. Regional Sales Manager Pina Pileggi worked part-time in a clothing store while she was in school and worked her way up the retail ladder, from part-time Sales Associate, to full-time Sales Associate, to Store Manager, to District Manager, and now Regional Manager.

She credits her success to the leaders she’s worked with over the years, and the time and energy they gave to work with her.

Pina also says she worked hard to impress those leaders by being open to constructive feedback and flexible with her schedule.

She says she chose to stay in retail because she likes every day to be a different: one day you could be dealing with loss prevention, the next day it could be an HR issue, the next day it could be marketing. In her role, she has the opportunity to experience all areas of the business.

On a day-to-day basis as Regional Sales Manager, Pina says spends time in the stores, working with District Sales Managers, visiting stores and talking to the Managers to gather feedback about products to bring back to head office, and developing the District Sales Managers.


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