Take The Springboardr Quiz To Find Out Which Workplace Values Are Important To You


So many of us are looking for jobs to start our careers, but – ideally – we’d also love a workplace that is comfortable and inviting, with friendly co-workers.

Or an employer that provides ongoing training and professional development, if possible.

Or projects that let us work with people from around the world.

“The information received on Springboardr allows members to get an additional dimension in their job searching strategies through matches based on scientific research.”
Jeremie Haynes, senior project manager, Springboardr

One new way to figure out which employers offer these options is Springboardr.

The site matches you – based on your preferred field, attitude and salary expectations – with employers that match your work values through a simple quiz.

“One of the challenges we all face in the job search process is figuring out who we want to work for and why,” says Jeremie Haynes, Springboardr’s senior project manager.

“Oftentimes we make choices based on the consumer brand, personal connections or desktop research. The information received on Springboardr allows members to get an additional dimension in their job searching strategies through matches based on scientific research.”

I decided to see what Springboardr was all about for myself, especially as I was looking for a job.

There were five questions, each asking me to select three options from a list of attributes and factors. The fifth page asks you to rank each question you’ve been asked. Within five minutes, I had mapped out the perfect employer: friendly with high ethical standards and offering a competitive salary.

The quiz produced a label to help me identify the type of employer that would best suit my interests. My assessment was bang on: I discovered I am a harmonizer, who seeks a work/life balance in a purposeful and fulfilling career that matches my passions.

At the bottom of the page you will find the logos of employers that best match your quiz results along with a ranking that shows how well they match. “The results of the test can be used to narrow down the list of potential employers based on how good of a match they are,” says Haynes.

Springboardr is an international site, so not all results may be familiar. It’s important to keep an open mind – after all, you never know when your career could go international!

Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself. The quiz results display how well you match other employee types, allowing you to see where your values lie. Do you value an ethical environment more than a high salary? Are ambitious opportunities more important than a comfortable, routine-like environment? Do you want to change jobs frequently? Knowing yourself better will allow you to create more defined and focused resumes and cover letters to land you the right job.

Rethinking your priorities? You can retake the quiz at any time. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to take the Springboardr quiz and jump start your job hunt!


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