Canada’s Best Global Business Schools


Bloomberg’s Businessweek placed six Canadian schools in their expanded 2010 list of Top Global Business Schools – including four Canuck schools in the Top 10 and one previously-unranked newcomer now among the world’s Top 18 institutions for getting an MBA.

How does each school compare to 2008’s list?

Job offers

Businessweek was able to provide, from some schools, a percentage of students offered a job after graduation. This year’s list includes Western (92%), York (86%), McGill (93%) and HEC Montreal (70%).

MBA grads grade their schools

An interactive table allows users to sort the top B-schools according to a variety of different criteria, even according to the grades given by each school’s graduating MBA class. Queen’s earned the highest grade in teaching, an A+. In general management skills, Queen’s tied with Western, Toronto (Rotman) and York (Schulich), which all share a grade of B. And in analytical skills, Western and Toronto share a grade of A.

Grad students, recruiters and intellectual capital

According to Businessweek’s methodology, grad students ranked their schools on a scale of 1 to 10. Company recruiters rated their top schools according to perceived quality and their experience with each school’s students, past and present. And intellectual capital was measured by the amount of articles published by the school’s faculty in 20 publications, which was adjusted to compensate for varying faculty sizes.

  • Grad students rated Queen’s as the best Canadian B-school, putting Kingston in fourth overall. The worst-rated Canadian school – also the school with the highest tuition fees for international students, at $99,693 USD – was the University of Toronto (tuition at U of T was also the highest on the list for Canadian citizens, at $74,936).
  • Even though U of T costs almost $9,000 USD more than its closest competitor, company recruiters ranked it first overall. In fact, recruiters must love True North grads. The Canadian B-schools listed are in the top eleven, with HEC Montreal at eleventh place (which, also interestingly, offered the lowest tuition for international students of all 18 schools at $30,000 USD. Resident tuition fees: $6,700 for Quebec residents; $13,600 for non-residents of Quebec).
  • Regarding intellectual capital, which only contributed 10% to the final calculation, U of T ranked highest at third overall while Western ranked eighteenth overall.

Da money

Of Businessweek’s 18 international schools, IMD (with a tuition of $82,488 USD) offered the highest median base post-MBA salary at $124,700 USD. Canada didn’t fare too well in this category – the highest-earning graduates from Canuck schools are in a virtual tie: Western at $84,075 USD which is (really) closely followed by McGill at $84,000 USD.

Having trouble deciding between the two, you ambitious Canadian MBA hopefuls? Consider tuition at Western’s Ivey school: $68,500. Tuition at McGill: $32,500.

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So, you want to go to grad school? Click here to read more.Photo credit: Queen’s Business School – Goodes Hall by Andrew MacKinnon on Flickr