Why Pet Friendly Workplaces Rock


So you love your dog or cat: you cuddle with them on the couch, you buy them all the latest toys and…well, you leave them home alone while you’re at work.

Every pet owner dreams of having a furry (or hairless) companion at work, and fortunately, the growing trend of pet-friendly workplaces may be able to give you just that.

If you’re still in doubt, look no further than TalentEgg’s loveable office pooches, Lily and Pancake, who are featured in this article!

Having pets around is a great morale booster, which means that employees will feel happier and more satisfied while doing their jobs.

With a little corporate culture sleuthing, you too could be enjoying the benefits of taking your best friend to work with you.

How it benefits you

Besides not feeling guilty about leaving your beloved pet at home all day, there are many other benefits of working in a pet-friendly environment.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your dog laying on your feet while you work at your desk or resting on your lap as you type away? Simply having your pet with you could make the day go by a lot faster, not to mention improve the mood of everyone in the office.

All that unconditional love can also do wonders for your work stress levels. Just think about how relaxing it would be if you could cuddle your pet after a harrowing conversation with your boss, or how your pet’s presence could ease your tensions before a big meeting.

Taking your dog for a short walk at lunch will also get your blood pumping, allow you to get some fresh air, and help you focus when you get back to your desk.

What’s in it for the company?

First of all, being pet-friendly is a perk that can definitely raise interest during recruiting.

A relaxed workplace is a must for many fresh grads, and giving employees the freedom to create such an environment may just be the deciding factor which propels outstanding candidates to apply to a firm.

Secondly, having pets around is a great morale booster, which means that employees will feel happier and more satisfied while doing their jobs.

Higher employee satisfaction naturally leads to increased levels of efficiency and productivity, and no company can argue the merit of those goals.

No pet of your own?

Even if you don’t have a furry friend at home, being in a pet-friendly environment can work to your advantage.

If you love animals, interacting closely with them on a regular basis can provide you the same mental and emotional benefits, particularly in terms of stress relief and mood boosts – all without having to spend for their food or doing clean-up duty after.

Things to take into consideration

Make sure that there are office rules stating that dogs should be trained. (I can guarantee that a pet-friendly workplace will not be a stress reliever when one of the pets is “relieving” something else all over the office!)

When bringing your own pet, be aware of his or her individual personality and triggers. This will help you decide if your pet can handle all the action of the workplace. And remember, your pet should get a quick potty break outside every so often!

Pancake helps TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese work
Pancake, one of TalentEgg's office dogs, helps founder Lauren Friese work

Even though we love our pets, some are just better in social situations than others.

If your pet (specifically your dog) has even the slightest behavioural problem, bringing him or her to work everyday may not be the best idea. You don’t want to be in a situation wherein your job is on the line because of the disruptions your pet has caused.

If you really want to bring your pet but are worried about how he or she might react, it may be a good idea to enrol in an obedience class. This will help your pet get used to interacting with strangers and new environments.

As a pet owner myself, I dream of having the opportunity to work in a pet-friendly environment and continually hope for the day that I will finally succeed in convincing my boss to agree!

Unfortunately for my beloved beagle, I don’t think that is happening any time soon.

About the author

Carolyn Mann is a second year political science student at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna, BC, who hopes to one day attend law school. So far, most of her work experience is in the food and restaurant area, but she really hopes to gain experience in other areas soon.