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Students And Recent Grads Discover Innovative Oil And Gas Careers With Cenovus Energy


Recently you may have noticed a series of print and television ads with the tagline “more than fuel.”

The ads show how many things we take for granted in our day-to-day lives, such as touch screens, ultrasounds and even glue, are made from oil.

The company behind the ads is Cenovus Energy, a Canadian oil company headquartered in Calgary.

To continue producing the oil and natural gas required to make technology like touch screens and ultrasounds possible, Cenovus hires students and new grads in engineering, accounting, geology, environment, land and finance.

“If you can demonstrate a keen interest, passion and a great attitude in getting involved, this will assist you in getting a future position that meets both yours and a company’s needs.” —Rick Davidson, Lead Recruitment, Cenovus Energy

In the video below, students and new grads working in crude oil marketing, accounting, land negotiation, and production engineering at Cenovus discuss their experiences starting their careers in oil and gas with Canada’s sixth largest oil company.

For example, in 12 months, accountant Bonnie Howard says she was able to work in three different positions in many different parts of the business.

“I found it really valuable to add the practical knowledge that I learned at Cenovus to my education at university as it made everything I learned a lot more relevant.”

We also asked Rick Davidson, lead recruitment at Cenovus Energy, a few questions about how students and recent grads who aren’t already working in the industry can get a leg up.


Q. Why is now the ideal time for Canadian students and recent graduates to begin their careers in the petroleum industry?
A. Students and new graduates across Canada have found rewarding careers in the petroleum industry. The unique opportunities for on-the-job training and career advancement have made careers in oil and gas a very attractive option for many people.  The industry is growing and requires innovative and talented people to ensure continued success.


Q. What do you think is the best part about working in the industry?
A. The oil and gas industry continuously challenges the status quo.  Technology has a huge impact on everything we do, from how efficient our operations are to our return to our shareholders. Work is constantly evolving and growth and learning opportunities are standard.   Working in the industry provides challenging positions where everyone can make a difference, there really is something for everyone. We have some of this country’s best and brightest working for us in everything from engineering, geology, accounting, IT, finance, media, HR, environmental sustainability and more.


Q. What do you think is the biggest misconception young Canadians tend to have about the industry, and how would you address that misconception?
A. One of the biggest misconceptions about the industry is that oil and gas companies are only focused on profits.  Everything we do is highly scrutinized from a variety of perspectives  and we are especially rigorous in making sure we are operating safely and  do the right things for the environment and the communities in which we operate.  Cenovus Energy is committed to applying fresh, progressive thinking to safely and responsibly unlock energy resources the world needs. We develop our energy resources in a way that’s both good for business and respectful of the environment. Cenovus also believes in being part of the community so we can contribute to its well-being.


Q. What advice would you give to a college or university student or recent graduate who is now interested in working in the industry?
A. The best advice would be to research the industry and different companies to understand what is new and changing. This will help you understand what role you can play. Not everyone  has previous industry experience, but if you can demonstrate a keen interest, passion and a great attitude in getting involved, this will assist you in getting a future position that meets both yours and a company’s needs.


Q. What is one thing that a student or recent grad can do to help them be successful in this industry?
A. Get to know the industry. Get involved with associations, link into websites, and make networking connections to those already working in  oil and gas.
Everything you need to know about hatching a career in oil and gas
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