Survey Says Your Twitter Username Is Becoming As Important As Your Phone Number


Want to improve your online social standing? Move to San Francisco and get into marketing for a search engine company.

Google will do.

According to a report released in September 2010, by NetProspex, the most social job is marketing, the most social industry is search engine/online portals, the most social city is San Francisco, and the company with the most social employees is Google.

Rated by the NetProspex Social Index (NPSI), overall social score is based on three criteria: social connectedness (number of employee with at least one social media account, like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook), social friendliness (average number of connections per employee) and social activity (number of followers, number of people being followed and number of tweets).

NetProspex analyzed over two million contacts in their database to find out which industry is the most social.

The Top 5:

  1. Search engines/online portals
  2. Advertising and marketing
  3. Banking
  4. Traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV)
  5. Toys and games

Climbing the social ladder

  • Being the most social doesn’t mean being the most popular. With double the average number of followers and friends, human rseources employees win the title of most popular
  • The boss isn’t most social: on the NetProspex social job ranking, only two C-level positions, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer, are in the Top 10
  • In the battle of Microsoft vs. Apple, Microsoft earns the second position (behind Google), beating Apple in the Top 50 social company rankings (Apple is ranked 12th)
  • In the battle of beverages, despite the social Pepsi Refresh Project, CocaCola made the social 50 list (#37); Pepsi didn’t make the list

Social media in Canada

A recent report by Bank of Montreal surveyed 427 Canadian businesses and found that one third were active in social media. Of the businesses using social media, 75% said that real world connections are supported by their online connections.

BMO’s vice-president of commercial banking, Cathy Pin, says, “When it comes to sharing ideas, promoting company brand as well as products, social media has proven to be a method of choice for Canadian business owners.”

Take notes, students and grads

Good social skills translate to positive branding and good business. The top scoring businesses are engaged across a variety of social media platforms, they use their social media to connect with people and they remain active in their social accounts.

Similarly, good online social skills in students and recent grads will translate to good jobs and positive online presence. By regularly contributing to various online social outlets, students and grads can create a positive personal brand that will help contribute to career success.

About the author

Nicole Wray is a Toronto, Canada-based online editor and freelance writer. She is a recent graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.