How To Be Selected For One Of GE Canada’s Rotational Leadership Programs


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Amanda Valela recently moved into the University Programs Co-ordinator role at GE Canada (you may remember her predecessor, Lyndsey Jones, from other video blogs) so we met with her at TalentEgg headquarters to discuss plans for the upcoming year.

Although the majority of roles with GE Canada for the upcoming year have now been filled (there are still a few available, though), the late fall/early winter is a great time for students to start preparing for next year’s round of hiring. We asked Valela about GE Canada’s renowned leadership programs, which the company offers in almost every single one of its divisions.

The programs it hires for most, however, are the:

  • Financial Management Program (FMP)—widely considered to be the premier program of its kind, it is the first step to a successful business career with GE
  • Commercial Leadership Program (CLP)—develops marketing and sales skills through a strong core curriculum and challenging assignments in key sales and/or marketing roles
  • Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP)—advance your technical problem-solving skills through advanced courses in engineering and real life business experience

Each program takes students with zero to two years of work experience and places them in a two-year rotational program that exposes them to different functions, roles and businesses within GE Canada. Valela says that after two years, they have the skills to hit the ground running in their first full-time job (she should know—she started as an intern and worked her way up!). Learn more about the rotational leadership programs by visiting GE Canada’s company profile here.

She and her team receive thousands of resumés for each role they post, so we had to ask her what GE likes to see from the students and recent grads it hires.

These are the must-haves:

  • a combination of academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, and leadership skills
  • at least a 75% average or 3.0 GPA, depending on how your school calculates grades
  • on-campus and off-campus work experience and volunteer work
  • some of that experience should be relevant to the leadership program you’re applying to
  • variety—they like to see well-rounded students who don’t put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak

Valela says that she and her team look for students with proven leadership ability, whether that means you’ve lead big group projects in class, or started a club or group at school. They want people who have the ability to make change and take the initiative to do great work for GE Canada.

GE Canada hires more than 50 engineering and commerce graduates and 200 co-ops a year into a variety of roles.


For an up-to-date listing of all available roles in Canada, please go to, and check TalentEgg next summer for upcoming positions! Until then, take Amanda’s advice to heart and start working toward being able to check off all of GE Canada’s requirements.

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