All About Guerrilla Marketing: The New Kid On The Block


Has anyone ever handed you a flyer, a sample, or a product in a public place, or have you ever seen a stream team perform a public stunt using a product or brand?

This kind of marketing is called “guerrilla marketing”—something that Calum McGuigan and his company Fervent Events specializes in.

We’ll discuss McGuigan’s journey as an entrepreneur in another video blog, but you should know that he studied Events Management at Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK before he came to Canada and worked in special events with the Daily Bread Food Bank.

McGuigan says guerrilla marketing is any form of marketing that isn’t in the traditional realm of TV, print and radio, but it’s becoming known as an extremely competitive, highly creative—and cost effective compared to traditional marketing—niche.

The marketing itself is often carried out by young, energetic representatives, called “brand ambassadors.” He says the best brand ambassadors are outgoing, engaging, and comfortable talking to strangers in a public setting because they actually have to go up to people and sell them the brand that they’re representing.

For more information about Fervent Events, check out the website, or find the company on Facebook and Twitter.


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