Resume Tips: How To Write The Perfect Sales Resume


Xerox Recruitment Specialist Amelia Bourbonnais typically reads at least 30 to 50 resumés per week, so she knows what she likes.

Overall, she says your passion for sales and the opportunity with the company you’re applying to should show in your resumé, but she also offered some specific tips:

  • Your objective should say that you’re interested in a sales role with Xerox
  • Work experience in marketing and sales is important, particularly 100% commission roles like Student Works or College Pro painters
  • Treat volunteer experience like real work experience—because it is!
  • Your resumé should be easy-to-read, printed in a good-size font, and one or two pages at the longest
  • Bourbonnais says it’s fine to include your grades, but she’s more interested in learning about relevant classes that you’ve taken and what you learned from them, such as courses in sales management or marketing with a sales focus
  • Sales is all about numbers, so make sure you include your previous monthly quotas, how many customers you worked with, and what you territory was (if you had one)
  • If you’ve worked in customer-facing roles in retail or food service, include how many customers you worked with in a week and how much up-selling you did
  • Finally, your cover letter should be short and sweet, and to the point—don’t just repeat your resumé, make it something different and tell a story


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