How To Avoid Catching The Office (Or School) Cold


George is a helluva guy, silly ties and all. But George Jr. has a cold and passes it on to George. George sneezes on his hand and uses the photocopier. Now everybody in the office has George Jr.’s cold.

As fall and the cool weather begins, students and recent grads everywhere are entering buildings full of people and their germs. Office environments and schools are among the worst places for viruses being passed from person to person. Here are some easy ways for you to avoid catching the office cold.

Wash your hands

This is a fairly simple tip that’s commonly repeated, mostly because it works. You share door knobs, fridge handles and phones with many other people. o you expect that they have all washed their hands recently? This tip isn’t just for an office environment. People who work in retail are handling money all day, and money is also disgusting.  For best results, use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Check out this article for some gross facts about not washing your hands.


Keep a squirt bottle on your desk. Keep a small bottle of it in your purse or pocket. This stuff, I swear, will save your life.

Sleep tight

Running on a low level of energy will affect your immune system. So, TeVo that late-night episode of your favourite show and turn in early.

Office coffee is bad anyway

Bring herbal tea instead, especially the tasty kind with added Vitamin C.

That face, that face

Try not to touch your face too much. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes, as they are prime places for harmful germs and bacteria to enter your system.

Type, type, type

Your keyboard is a hot spot for germs. True, you may be the only person who uses it, but consider how often does it get wiped down? Any harmful germs you may have had on your hands yesterday sit and wait for your fingers to return (mwa-ah-ah).

Check out this article to see how to clean your keyboard. Also, you can use disinfecting wipes for your keyboard and phone.

Avoiding people seems harsh but…

Why these people come to work when they’re coughing up phlegm every three minutes, I’m not exactly sure. Out of sick days, perhaps? Either way, there seems to be one or two people who have colds constantly. Avoid borrowing their pens.

Photo Credit: jacobspencer on Flickr