Impact Apprentice takes over TalentEgg for a day


On August 25, the Impact Apprentice competition came to the Egg Carton for an entire day. Two teams of eight students were tasked with coming up with an innovative but usable campaign to help TalentEgg get the message across to employers—our potential clients—that is where students want to be when they’re researching and executing their job hunts.

It was girls versus boys and both teams worked furiously throughout the day to prepare for their 15-minute presentations at 3:30 p.m. They hammered the TalentEgg team with questions to get the facts and figures just right and debated among themselves about the best strategies.

After watching both presentations, we deliberated for a while and then decided that the girls’ team, Think Outside The Egg, was the clear winner (check out the video above). The boys’ team, Om-Egg-A 3, had some great ideas as well, but we thought the Think Outside The Egg strategy was more TalentEgg-y.

Congratulations to all the contestants! We followed your other challenges and it sounds like you had an amazing experience. Thanks for working so hard to develop some fantastic strategies for TalentEgg, which we’re definitely going to implement, by the way!

This was the students’ challenge:

“The Chicken and Egg Problem”

Sales is the lifeblood of any startup – especially a bootstrapped one. The cool thing about TalentEgg’s business model is that sales is not only our lifeblood, but it’s also our key lever to growth across all our key metrics.

When an employer or educator joins TalentEgg, more students come to TalentEgg, which drives more employers to TalentEgg because they want to reach those students, etc. You could say that it’s a chicken and egg problem, where employers are the chicken and the chicken comes first.

At TalentEgg, sales is all about bringing new employers and educators on to the website.

One of our biggest obstacles in sales is communicating the message to employers that students – especially TOP students like you – are unsatisfied with the resources currently available to you on campus, such as the campus career centre, career fairs, pamphlets and information sessions. That top students like you are increasingly looking for a one-stop shop online for all things related to careers and continuing education.

Basically, in a world where existing on-campus recruitment is perceived as “free” and it produces adequate results, we have trouble communicating the importance of services like TalentEgg, which provide key access to career and education information for students by leveraging the Internet to effectively scale that information.

The Challenge

Step 1: Create a campaign

Create a strategy and campaign that effectively communicates to employers and educators that TalentEgg is important to students and recent grads.

The campaign should emphasize why TalentEgg is important for students, but it should also keep in mind that sales in any business must satisfy a need for the buyer.

In our case, the buyers are:

Employers, whose key needs are:

  • Differentiating themselves from their competitors
  • Reaching and recruiting top quality students
  • National reach
  • Increased online exposure

Educators, whose key needs are:

  • Differentiating themselves from their competitors
  • Recruiting students for their post-grad programs/certifications
  • Regional, targeted reach
  • Increased online exposure

Each team will have 1 hour with our video camera (if desired).

Step 2: Distribute the campaign

Once the campaign is complete, how will it be distributed to potential clients – both employers and educators? There are many options: social media, regular media, snail mail, guerilla techniques, webinars, landing pages, etc. It’s your job to come up with an innovative strategy!

If there’s a cost involved, you should show that, overall, there will be a positive ROI.

How we’ll be judging your work:

Points will be awarded according to the following areas:

Creativity/Originality: /20

Quality of work produced: /30

Practicality/likelihood of success: /50

About the author

Cassandra Jowett is TalentEgg's Content Manager. She joined the team as a student intern in the summer of 2008, and since then her heart has never really left the Egg Carton. Cassandra is a recent graduate of the Ryerson University School of Journalism, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism with a focus in writing and editing for newspapers. She has also written and edited for The Globe and Mail, The National Post, t.o.night newspaper and other publications.