The world’s most interesting intern


Greg Justice, Cisco’s Social Media Intern, went viral? Dammit, it’s hard enough to impress employers these days with a degree, relevant job experience and good looks. Now we’ve got to achieve Internet fame.

Though it may not last for long, a social media intern going viral is like a pharmaceutical intern curing cancer by spelling his buddy’s name with the periodic table’s different elements — it’s a eureka moment in the short career of a more-than-bright employee who’s doing something very right.

This level of legendary accomplishment may not be totally unheard of, but the very nature of his social media role and duties make what he’s accomplished so spectacularly public. His “work,” divided as episodes,  are so clever he might as well be considered the first intern to blow past his co-workers using so little — a webcam, a friend with slick hip hop beats, a self-deprecating sense of humour and really cool managers.

The good thing, though, is that he was just having fun and being himself. Alright, alright, he’s obviously boasting about being the world’s most interesting intern. But that self-fulfilling prophecy just may have come true.

Still, he simply did a good job and from one intern to another: Keep it up, homey.

How the hell did they let him do it?

I’m not sure. Maybe he’ll read this piece and answer that for us.

I’m pretty sure he did come up with the idea, though. Best guesses:

  • His bosses instantly loved the idea as they were passing around the department’s bong
  • His hip hop swagger carried him through the pitching process, causing spontaneous break dancing
  • He was not allowed and in fact nearly got fired for doing it, but was swiftly congratulated for making Cisco actually look somewhat cool (even though they work in Silicon Valley alongside Google’s wicked office. Read: Google’s office had a frickin’ slide at one point)

What can he gain from this?

Any PR/Media/Marketing job he wants. Justice has proven he can reach people in creative ways. His videos quickly racked up the hits and comments on YouTube. Just check out this video response from a fellow Cisco intern who wants to make a rap crew. His work also publicly demonstrates his excellent speaking and writing skills.

He might even fit in well with human resources. He’s a social butterfly, proving that people within large companies can use social media to communicate honestly between each other without bureaucratic-speak. He also uses social media entirely for fun and company morale, not for PR or marketing purposes.

Interns and employers: What can YOU gain from this?

We mere mortals can take a lot away from Mr. Justice.

Employers, feel free to let your desk-and-computer staff browse their social media/YouTube faves once in a while. Of course, moderation is key. Lay down the law if someone isn’t pulling their own weight, but take a chance and see what kind of creative juices start flowing when interns are given space to breathe. And there are worse time-wasters: the dude who talks too much to his neighbour, bothers everyone and there’s no way to “log off” while he’s yapping.

Fellow interns, be yourself. Hip hop is all about swagger. Almost every rapper claims to be the best rapper alive, and Justice literally took that attitude with him to his first day at the office. Sure, he may be a little more outgoing than typical young interns, but even shy folks should never feel insecure. You got where you are because you have great qualifications. Your employers have more confidence in you than you think.

About the author

David Cadiente is a recent University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus grad and attended Centennial College's Book and Magazine Publishing program. David loves music, reading, shuffling a deck of cards, and playing guitar.