Don’t stop believin’: How to turn your blog into a book


There is  a new breed of writers who are getting their start on the net, turning their blogs into successful books.

Just one example is “blauthor” Suzanne Gardner, who recently co-authored the book Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide to Glee, based on her blog about Glee.

Creating a pitch

“I started the blog back in October and I didn’t pitch the book until December. I started it because I like to write. I’ve always been a writer.  I love Glee and I had spare time … I didn’t originally have the idea to do the book,” Gardner says.

A friend in the publishing industry urged Gardner to pitch her blog to a publisher that had previously released TV companion guides for popular television shows.

Gardner researched the publisher she was pitching to by reviewing previously published books to help her better understand the format and style that would get her pitch noticed.

“You need to do your research. Know what publishers would fit in with whatever type of blog or whatever type of idea you are working on. Look at what sort of books they publish and ask yourself if you might fit in,” Gardner says.

Sell your writing skills

In addition to pitching a book that will suit the publishers expectations, it is important to show the publisher why you are the right person to write the book.

“You might have great ideas to write the book, but why should you be the one to write it? What experience do you have to back that up? Why are you the best to do it? When you have a blog, you already have this great content, you already have a strong following.”

Unlike a fiction book, which likely needs to be completed before being sold, a publisher may hire you to write a book based on your blog. Any additional writing experience you have will help support your pitch and make a publisher more likely to want to work with you.

Self-publishing your blog

Did you write a great blog about your gap year travelling around the world? If you would like to preserve your blog in book form there numerous companies who will print your blog at a low cost. Check out Blurb and Blog2Print for printing options as low as $14.