Dressed for success: Networking style tips for men


When it comes to first impressions, an outfit can make all the difference in the world.

Here are a few outfit ideas that can satisfy business professional and business casual dress requirements. Wear these styles to achieve a polished and professional image no matter what the event.

Do not forget to pay attention to detail: ensure all clothing is properly tailored and wrinkle-free, fingernails are manicured, and shoes are scuff free. Although choosing quality clothing can initially be a hit to your bank account, think of your purchases as a long-term investment.

Power suits without the powerful price tag

Always wear navy, brown, grey or black socks that extend over the calf. Peek-a-boo skin in the ankle region is as unprofessional for guys as peek-a-boo buttons are for women.

Colourful co-ordinates

Do not be afraid to show off the colour! Pair a brightly coloured shirt with tie in the same tone to make your suit pop. Ensure that the cuff of your shirt extends beyond your jacket sleeve, and only roll up your sleeves once you get back to your bachelor pad.

Very casual business casual

For more informal settings, choose dark wash jeans and a fitted dress shirt paired with shiny dress shoes (never sneakers!) and a matching belt. A successful casual look relies heavily on clothes with the perfect fit—your casual look should not be baggy.

Blow off the blazer

If you wear a shirt and tie without the blazer, the same rules apply: the end of your tie should meet the belt buckle. For a more professional look, opt for a darker, more plain tie.