Videoblog: Be open and honest with your employer, says TalentEgg intern!


In video, Lauren interviews video production intern Rebecca Cave about her experience at TalentEgg.  Lauren says that any time Rebecca was given a project she took it head on, got it done and exceeded expectations, the example of a model intern.  Rebecca offers some advice on how to be a good intern and describes the most important parts to rocking your internship!

What are the most important parts about being an awesome intern?

  • Choose an internship that is going to give you what you’re looking for.
  • Have good time management skills.
  • Find an environment that you will be comfortable in.

What advice can you offer future interns?

  • Just be open and honest with your employer.
  • If you have questions, ask them!

Rebecca says that if your manager is giving you a hard time or setting unrealistic expectations for you, it’s important to let your employer know that you feel uncomfortable.  The purpose of your internship is to help you to develop your skills and communicating problems with your employer is key.

Rebecca also answers the age old question, “Who’s better, the Beatles or the Backstreet Boys?”

About the author

Rebecca Cave produced more than 100 videos during her video production internship with TalentEgg in early 2010, completed as part of Niagara College's broadcasting program.