If you have a job, you’ve got to start moving up the rungs of that corporate ladder


So, you have finally joined the renowned organization that you had always dreamed of working at…now what?

Typically, new grads will vie for acquiring a spot in a large company upon graduation. They edit their resumés about a hundred times, practice over and over for interviews, and brush up on their networking skills. There is immense preparation involved in securing a respectable position.

But what happens after many aspiring young professionals enter their dream company is they get lost in the shuffle.

This may be a familiar experience for many of you who have been in the workforce for a little while now. You complete your work assigned to you, but for some reason you don’t receive that golden star sticker for your efforts. Well, you’re not taking a “satisfactory” check mark. You want to see “excellent” across the board.

Here are a few things you should do to make sure you receive the recognition you deserve:

Take initiative

Sometimes at larger organizations, processes are so streamlined that there is little flexibility to veer away from your regular duties. Or so you think.

If you find yourself staring out the window, actually wishing for work…create some! Take a look at company updates, reports, strengths and weaknesses, and brainstorm ideas on ways to encourage growth and develop operations. Not only will you impress your boss, but you will be recognized as a valuable asset to the company.

Network, network, network

Smile at, shake hands with and say hello to any and every person you cross paths with. You never know who they know and where that may take you in you career path.

Be bold and approach C-level executives, introduce yourself and discuss with them a bit about the work you do outlining how you contribute to the company’s success. Don’t forget to ask them a couple of questions about their role, and a bit about their personal life. Developing relationships are key.

Attend as many meetings as possible

You’ve been known to often snooze when sitting in large boardrooms listening to several employees state the same thing over and over again in different words. Well, wake up! Grab a cup of joe and take notes.

You want to be as knowledgeable as possible about what the company has to offer, past and current results, and future initiatives. This will also definitely help start a conversation when networking.

Involve yourself in work, outside of work

Corporate social responsibility and social activities are part of the corporate culture of many companies. If there are charity events, help raise funds for a good cause and attend as many events as you can. Not only will be you be showing interest outside of the office, but you help out others through a rewarding experience.

If there are sports leagues or social gatherings, be a team player and have some fun. Don’t worry about being a pro, many employees are rookies and just want to play some ball!

Taking the above advice and coupling it with your own actions will surely be a step in the right direction. You not only want to join the big and beautiful corporation that you look up to, but you want to work your way to the top. A combination of taking initiative, networking, involvement in and outside of the office, and being yourself will definitely help you move your way up the corporate ladder, so one day you may see your name with the most desired acronym under it: CEO.

About the author

Sasha Rana is an honours commerce graduate from McMaster University, currently working as a sales account executive. During her four years at Mac, she was the director of the Student Community Support Network for the McMaster Students Union, a teaching assistant, and involved in various campus clubs, planning events and fundraising initiatives. She frequently wrote for her service’s newsletter, the campus newspaper, as well as a local community newsletter. She would like to continue her passion for sharing her thoughts and experiences, while reaching out to fellow new grads.