Summer job hunting “don’ts” for students and recent grads


As a continuation of the seminar TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese held for the Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec finalists, this video shows Lauren’s top tips of what NOT to do when on the job hunt.

She explains the importance of tailoring a resumé to the specific company and some of the ways employers can tell that you don’t really want to work for them, you just want a job.

1. Get the company’s name wrong

  • TalentEgg recently received a job application from someone who said they had attached a copy of their resumé to apply to a part-time position at Town Shoes.

2. Send the same resumé to every company

3. Pad your resumé

4. Leave the job search too late

  • Most major corporations (excluding hospitality and retail) post their summer opportunities in January. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized organizations are more flexible and tend to post opportunities as they arise.
Photo credit: Lourdes Nightingale  on Flickr