How to get a summer job


With summer just around the corner, many students and recent grads are still looking for ways to spend their time while getting a meaningful experience.

In this video, TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese tells Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec finalists about some of the “must dos” of job hunting.  She explains the importance of networking and taking advantage of social media as well as offers a few tips on how you can stand out a get noticed!

1. Cast your net wide and deep

  • Take stock of tools available to help your with your job search.  These can include your network, job boards, Google, your career centre and (of course!) TalentEgg.

2. Broadcast your availability

  • With tools like Twitter, Facebook, etc., it’s easy to let your network (and the world) know that you’re looking for a job. Even if only one or two well-connected people know that you’re looking for work, word can get around to dozens or even hundreds of other people!

3.  Show off

  • It’s not enough to say you’re available.  You have to let everyone know why you’d make an excellent helping hand this summer! Leverage the opportunity the web gives you to get outside of your one-dimensional resumé and show off what really makes you a super star!

4.  Approach organizations that don’t appear to be hiring

  • Pitch your energy, expertise and willingness to learn to organizations—especially small and medium-sized organizations—even if they don’t appear to be hiring.

5. Search outside the lines

  • Use the summer as an opportunity to try something you wouldn’t have otherwise done. Use it as a time to figure out what you like to do and don’t like to do!

Click here for more advice about summer job options or check out the internships and summer jobs sections on—many employers have already finished their hiring for the summer, but there are still a few opportunities there!