Retail Career Tips From Reitmans’ Sales And Operations Directors



Gary Pauls, Director of Sales and Operations for Reitmans, and Maria Corsino, Director of Sales and Operations for Penningtons and Addition Elle, explain why young Canadians should consider a career in retail, what they look for in ideal candidates, and why students and new grads should consider starting a career at Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.

You should consider a career in retail because:

  • It’s all about choices
  • Everyday is a different day
  • There are unlimited opportunities for growth
  • Talent is recognized

When hiring for entry-level roles, they look for:

  • Soft skills
  • A strong business acumen
  • Passion and confidence
  • A love for customers and the retail industry
  • Having previous part-time retail experience is beneficial but not essential—Gary says it is definitely a benefit for to the individual because it will give them a better understanding of what the company is all about, its culture and values as well as what leadership in that company really means

How to ace retail job interviews with people like Gary and Maria:

  • Come to the interview with a lot of passion
  • Research the company and the industry
  • Speak confidently about past experiences, strengths and opportunities

Starting a career with Reitmans is a great opportunity because of its:

  • Exceptional values
  • Leadership opportunities and quality
  • Success of the company


Reitmans (Canada) Ltd. Visit Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.’s profile on TalentEgg to learn more about their seven divisions and starting your retail career in one of their stores or at their head office in Montreal.


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