Advance Your Career With Merit-Based Promotion At Retail Employers Like Discount



In this video, filmed at the Ryerson University retail career fair in February 2010, Rubina—a recruitment specialist with Discount Car and Truck Rentals—offers a few tips on what students can do to stand out. And Lauren performs some egg-cellent Yo-Yo tricks!

Rubina says Discount is looking for “the best and the brightest talent” to take on a variety of operational roles.

Which qualities do the best and brightest possess?

  • Inspired
  • Driven
  • Capable
  • Experienced in customer-service and sales

At companies like Discount, career advancement opportunities are merit-based, so it is not out of the question to start in a sales position and quickly rise to a retail management position. “Your career depends on your capabilities,” Rubina says.

Rubina stresses that there are many career options in the retail sector and all of them are multifaceted. “You’re wearing a lot of hats so there’s never really any dull days,” she says. You’ll be dealing with people, insurance replacement customers, sales and more!

Find out what a career in retail at Discount is really like from this recent retail management graduate.

When interviewing candidates for entry-level roles at Discount, Rubina says she asks people to name one of their strengths and one of their weaknesses, but one of her biggest interview turn-offs is when a candidate answers insincerely by saying they don’t have any weaknesses.

This is one of the most common interview questions, so you should always be prepared with an answer that relates to the role you’re applying for. Check out our article Tough interview questions: What is your greatest weakness? for help with that one!


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Rebecca Cave produced more than 100 videos during her video production internship with TalentEgg in early 2010, completed as part of Niagara College's broadcasting program.