How To Impress A Retail Recruiting Manager In A Job Interview



June Doyle-MacLean, Manager of National Field Recruiting at Reitmans (Canada) Ltd., told us what she wants to see from potential employees before and during the interview process for retail jobs.

June says these attributes are essential to a successful career in retail:

  • A love of fashion
  • Interested in moving ahead
  • Great leadership skills
  • Interested in being trained and developed by your employer throughout your career

Before the interview, June recommends:

  • Research the employer’s website
  • Learn about the organization—it really impresses employers like June when you know all about the company, the role and the opportunities available there before you show up for the job interview
  • Becoming aware of the employer’s brand(s) on more than just a superficial level. For example, each of Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.’s seven divisions—Reitmans, Addition Elle, Penningtons, Thyme Maternity, Smart Set, RW&CO. and Cassis—each have their own unique personalities, styles and target markets

Here’s how you can impress a recruiting manager like June during the interview:

  • Show up on time
  • Look great: take some time to dress well and really think about how you’ll be presenting yourself to your future employer
  • Be prepared to ask some questions of the interviewer about the opportunity
  • Listen carefully to the questions the interviewer asks you and answer them thoughtfully without going off on an unrelated tangent


Reitmans (Canada) Ltd. Visit Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.’s profile on TalentEgg to learn more about their seven divisions and starting your retail career in one of their stores or at their head office in Montreal.


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