York University prof experiments with social media as a teaching tool


York University computer science and engineering professor Andrew Eckford is taking the next step in connecting with his students by joining them in the world of social media.

He uses blogs, Twitter and YouTube to give his students a better understanding of content covered in class and to make him more approachable when they’re struggling with course material and need help.

You can check out his first attempt at a course blog here, which resulted in a spin-off blog by one of his students featuring notes from Prof. Eckford’s lectures, and a later incarnation of his course blog can be found here. This is the Twitter account for one of his current classes.

In this video, Prof. Eckford explains why he decided to take on this social media experiment , how it has benefited the students so far and his future plans for bringing more social media into the classroom (such as using the new question-and-answer site Formspring.

About the author

Rebecca Cave produced more than 100 videos during her video production internship with TalentEgg in early 2010, completed as part of Niagara College's broadcasting program.