Resume Tips: Including short references in your resumé is unique and creates value


While volunteering as a student career leader at Wilfrid Laurier University’s career centre, I was introduced to a style of resumé that lists short reference quotes after each work or volunteer position.

Although it’s usually not expected or required for applicants to include a reference list in an application, including short references on the resumé can add value to your work and volunteer experiences.

A resumé reference might look something like this:

Another option is to list short references in the margin of your resumé:

Send a short email or make a quick phone call to past employers explaining that you are writing a resumé that includes short, one-to-two sentence references that emphasize your work skills and personality traits. Ask them to sum you up in one sentence.

If you have received recommendations on LinkedIn, ask the person who has recommended you if you can include their reference in your resumé.

Adding references to your resumé is also a great reason to get in touch with past employers in order to maintain valuable networking connections.

Photo credit: Aidan Jones