Top Talent: Regis Dudley gets the word out about why she’s an awesome candidate


Regis Dudley is the kind of student who “gets” how valuable extra-curricular activities and volunteer experience are in her industry.

Dudley, a fourth-year communication and environmental studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University, is currently assistant vice president of advertising and promotions for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, and has held at least six other roles over the last three years that have provided her with that experience.

She isn’t limiting herself one just one industry, either: she would love to work in communications, PR, marketing, event planning and project management, and it seems like her experiences and skills are well-suited to any of those fields.

What is something you’ve done that is completely unrelated to your current career path but shows you’re going to be a superstar in the workforce?

It is not my intention to build a career as a children’s author, but I have penned a children’s book called “The Penguin Says Moo,” which was illustrated by a close friend. I am considering either self-publication or pursuing publication with a publisher.

My dedication, demonstrated through my tireless editing of the project, showcases my ability to focus on a task and bring the final product to the next level.

Tell us about your Top 3 life experiences so far.

A cob wall made of natural, sustainable materials at an ecovillage in Oregon

1. As a summer intern with the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, I lived in an ecovillage in Oregon with 36 other people. I was the only inhabitant not dedicated to a long-term stay when I first arrived.

During my stay, I made an effort to engage with and actively listen to each member of the community – an essential practice of an excellent manager and co-worker.

As both an ecovillage inhabitant and a creative specialist, one must be open to unique ideas. Embracing innovation and different perspectives (as I did during my time at the ecovillage) is an indicator of a superior creative or client services specialist.

2. In my current position as assistant vice president of advertising and promotions with the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor 86 volunteers whom I coach on strategies for public relations, marketing, advertising, promotions and outreach success. Teaching others is a great learning tool for me, and this experience has only enhanced my grasp of current trends and methodology.

Inside the rainforest in Honduras

3. I volunteered as the team leader and recruitment co-ordinator for Operation Wallacea Scientific Conservation Expeditions for two years.

In this role, I travelled to Honduras, lived in the rain forest and assisted scientists in conducting biodiversity monitoring research.

At one point, I was in charge of leading a group of high school students on a 5 km hike across a waterfall and along a mountainous ledge. Those were the longest three hours of my life.

This commitment to projects under extreme stress and in a new environment illustrates my flexibility and commitment to success.

If an employer called your best friend for a reference, what would he/she say to get you the job?

“Regis is not only extremely skilled and experienced in public relations work, but she has the passion and discipline to go along with the job. She truly cares about the people in her life and the causes she works for, and has always been one to go beyond what is expected or required.”

What’s so special about you that it would make employers climb over each other to recruit you?

I have served as an exceptional promotions assistant, AVP, event co-ordinator, mentor and manager. I consistently deliver outstanding results and I am dedicated to a career in communications, public relations, marketing, event planning or project management.

To get in touch with Regis, you can check out her LinkedIn profileTwitter account or email her at regis.dudley[at]

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