Adding real value: How to be outstanding, not obnoxious


As Seth Godin would say, “Safe is risky.” You should also check out this post by him on the same topic as well.

No one gets talked about (positively or negatively) by fitting in. Moving forward in the world we live in now requires something different than the past.

Adding real value requires you to work harder and smarter while caring about things more important than rewards, but it also means that what is expected of you is what it takes to be barely passable – a stepping stone.

If you are on TalentEgg right now, you probably realize it take more than what everyone else is doing to get ahead.

What is real value?

Adding real value is looking beyond what you can do for the community, but rather what you can do with the community.

Relationships matter and you can’t always think about what will get you a promotion. That view will isolate you. If you don’t love what you do, avoiding this mindset will be really hard. Real value is doing what no one expects from you. There are countless numbers of ways how you can be outstanding.

Be forewarned, though, none of them are easy.

Why is it important?

In this world, you only move forward if we all move forward. When you think about yourself, you have to also think about your community. One of my good friends once said to me, “I will never reach my full potential if you do not reach yours.”

How to add real value

The best way to add real value is to keep your eyes open and improve as many things as possible. Figure out how you can help the situation or connect with people who can. You have to know what you are involved in, inside and out, so you’re ready when an opportunity presents itself.

Think outside of your comfort zone and learn and absorb all that you can. Be patient. Patience reduces the risk of failure and can prevent you from appearing to be obnoxious. You do not have to change the world every week, you just have to do it well once in a while.


I purposely left out language that would limit this to a particular point in life. From writing, dance, marketing, resumé writing, and everything in between, you can add value.

Do not be afraid to take risks on your resumé – you do not have to follow the standard format.

If you can show a boss, potential employer or even a teacher that you are willing to take smart risks and that you truly notice and care about what is going on around you it will pay off for you in huge dividends.

Finally, do not be afraid of failure multiple failures.

If it is not broken, take it apart and figure out how you can make it better.