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Your Classes Can Pay Off (Literally!) in the Job Hunt

“Not sure what courses you want to take next semester? Here are just a few courses you might want to add to your schedule. Some topics will seem completely irrelevant to your future. But sometimes the most obscure courses and disciplines impart knowledge that will come to your aid when you least expect it. And, these courses can really pay off in the job hunt and literally put money in your pocket.”

(Check out The Résumé Girl’s blog for a ton of great resources for young job seekers)

Want a job? Hit the books

“A working paper, by University of British Columbia’s Craig Riddell and York University’s Xueda Song, has found the chances of “re-employment” – or finding work after a period of unemployment – rise by 27 percentage points if you’ve finished high school. The probability of finding work again increases as education levels rise. Every additional year of school increases the chance of re-employment by 2 to 3 percentage points, the study shows.”

Perfectly qualified, but can’t get in

“In 2009, there were almost 5,000 qualified applicants to the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton alone. Only 194 were accepted. At Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine in Halifax, only 102 of almost 700 applicants made it in. It’s something that happens at med schools across the country every year. What are these applicants lacking? What are they missing to make the final cut? Maybe nothing. There just aren’t enough seats at Canadian medical schools.”

Ten money tips for people entering the work force

“Why wait for the mortgage and kids to come before “paying yourself” 5 to 10 per cent of your paycheque as most personal finance books discuss? You can reach your financial destinations much quicker if you’ve previously had a period to save 25-per-cent or more of your income.”

Use Guerrilla job hunting tactics to find work 65% faster

“If Guerrilla job search methods can work in Michigan, where the unemployment rate tops 15%, they can work where you live. The only thing stopping you from thinking and acting like a Guerrilla is you.”

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