Move your career goals one step forward by visiting your school’s career services centre


Whether you have mapped out your career path or not, it is never too early or too late to take advantage of the resources offered by your university or college’s career services centre.

I recently spoke with a career consultant at Wilfrid Laurier University who compared choosing your career to choosing which laptop or cell phone to buy: you need to do research. Unfortunately, while most students will do some research when buying their next cell phone or laptop, many won’t put in the time and energy it takes to research and identify career options.


Check out your school’s career services website to find out about workshops available to students.  If you are interested in getting hands-on help for resumé writing, cover letter writing, interview skills, job fair tactics or anything else career-related, your career services centre will be able to direct you to the workshop, person or resources you need.

Your school’s career services centre may offer career aptitude or personality testing workshops to help you narrow down your career options.  Whether or not you value such tests, career testing is a great starting point for discovering discussing career options with a career counsellor.

Career counselling

Career counselling services offered outside of a university or college can be very expensive.  Fortunately, as a university or college student or graduate, your school’s career centre likely offers free career counselling both before and after graduating.

Career counsellors are experts in their field.  Whether you have solid goals or zero direction, visiting a career counsellor armed with questions and concerns is a great place to either begin building a career plan or to solidify your current career plans.

Connect with alumni

Employees at your school’s career centre have likely witnessed a former student follow a similar career direction as you.  Get in contact with your career services centre and ask if they offer alumni contacts or alumni profiles of graduates who are working in the field you are interested in.

Choosing a career direction may be one of the most important decisions you make while in university. Take advantage of the staff and resources your school’s career centre offers, after all, you do want your career to last longer than your latest cell phone purchase, right?