What not to do: Send a snarky farewell email to your co-workers


A “farewell” email from a senior media planner at a large Chicago advertising agency was recently posted online and boy is it a doozy!

Here are some of the highlights from the (now unemployed) person’s “top 10 reasons why [they’re] resigning”:

When you guys were ‘right sizing’ instead of downsizing because of the economy, you fired all the cool people.

So I don’t have to ask how your weekend was – I don’t care. It’s exhausting listening to you and pretending to care then sugar coating my own weekend stories so you don’t recoil in horror.

I’ve gotten 3 job title promotions since I’ve been here but no raise. I’ll bet if I asked to be promoted to Senior Media Planner Ninja-Czar, I’d get it with a pay freeze until 2020.

And if you click through to the original article for nothing else, it’s worth it for the video link that sums up the point of this person’s email perfectly through a clip from the movie Half Baked in which a disgruntled burger flipper quits his job by… umm… cussing out every single one of his employees.

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