Q&A with AXE Canada about their Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig


Recently a couple of us from the TalentEgg team went to Unilever headquarters in downtown Toronto to talk to AXE Canada brand manager Greg Major about AXE Canada’s Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig.

Check out the AXE Canada Consumer Consultant job description on TalentEgg.ca, or visit AXESummerGig.ca for more information about this incredible internship opportunity!

Q. What is AXE Canada’s Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig all about?

A. We’re really excited about the Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig. We think it’s one of the best summer jobs anyone could ask for.

Essentially what we’re looking for will be both a guy and a girl to serve as AXE Consumer Consultants. These people will be valued team members of the AXE brand team and they’re going to be chronicling their unforgettable experiences of the summer on a personal blog.

We know it’s really competitive out there, so we’ll also be mixing in real-world brand and marketing experience.

Not only is it a great opportunity, we think the compensation package given the time line of the program is quite attractive: a $10,000 salary per consultant for a two-month window and an all-expenses paid condo in downtown Toronto – a sweet pad. Plus a few other perks that I can’t really divulge yet.

Trust me, though, it’ll be awesome.

180x250Q. Considering how attractive it really is, how are you going to narrow it down to just two consultants out of potentially thousands and thousands of applications?

A. The ideal candidate is someone who’s active, they’re social, they’re fun, outgoing. The process is going to be pretty straightforward in terms of how they apply.

There are three steps to it: Go to AXESummerGig.ca and answer a few very easy questions, and then from there they will be asked to upload either a photo or a video to give us a better idea about who this person is. Finally, we’ll be asking them to submit two reference letters from people of the opposite sex, again just to give us a little bit more flavour of who this person is.

People will be able to apply at AXESummerGig.ca until November 22nd, and then from there we’ll be selecting 10 people – five guys, five girls – and from January to March we’ll go through a pretty fun process that allows all Canadians to interact and vote on how everyone progresses.

There will be an internal team here that does the final selection because, ideally, we want to land the right girl and the right guy.

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