A girl’s guide to corporate couture


For many girls in college and university, their alarm goes off, they hit snooze a bunch of times, and then they roll out of bed with a couple of minutes to get ready and race off to class in pyjama pants and a hoodie (a personal favourite of mine once I finish midterms).  Others wake up at the crack of dawn to make sure their clothes, hair and makeup are just right.

Most of us fit somewhere in between these two, wearing jeans or yoga pants and maybe spending a little bit of time on our hair and makeup.

In a matter of months or years, however, students need to have a wardrobe appropriate for the working world.  You will need some of these items in order to look appropriate for interviews, so it makes sense for you to start buying items for your wardrobe now and integrating them into your current wardrobe.


Sometimes if you buy items of a certain colour they will be out of style in a matter of years (or even months).   There are some colours that never go out of style, no matter how long ago the clothing was purchased.  If you start with neutral colours (black, grey, brown and navy) you can add trendier items as your pay cheque becomes a little bigger.

At the same time, if you are considering adding a brighter colour to an outfit you already have, make sure the colour looks good on you.  Keep in mind the colours that friends have complimented you for wearing in the past, as they are the ones that will compliment your skin tone as well as your hair and eyes.  If you’re in doubt, ask the salesperson: their job is to help you find what looks best on you.