Resume Tips: Stay on target


By Amit Puri

In this article we talk about the importance of not using a generic resumé. It is not best-practice to use the same resumé for every job that you apply for.

The reason for this is simple – different jobs require different knowledge, skills and abilities.

Your resumé needs to show that you possess the most important requirements needed to perform well in a particular job.

Too many job-seekers use the same resumé for all their job applications and then wonder why they did not get an interview call. A generic resumé will quickly reach the reject pile, since it fails to communicate effectively to the hiring manager, that you have what it takes to perform well in the job.

So in an ideal world, you would customise your resumé for every job that you apply for, showcasing only those requirements which are relevant for the target job. However, this is not always practically possible. Having said that, you should have at least a few different resumés, which are tailored for similar types of jobs. You can then use your cover letter to further customise to the job/company level.

So remember – you need to be very clear on the most important knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job you are applying to. All information you include in your resumé must show that you possess one or more of these requirements. Any information which does not show that is irrelevant and does not need to be included.

Constantly ask yourself, “Is this relevant and will it get me the interview call?”

Amit Puri is the Managing Consultant at Sandbox Advisors. He has over 10 years of business, career services and HR related experience, with companies such as Bain & Co, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. Sandbox Advisors is based in Singapore and provides career management/advice, job search, interview, resume and HR consulting services in Asia.

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