Young entrepreneur profile: Soko Company’s Jonathan Davids


Lifestyle choice is an important consideration to the average consumer. The clothes we wear, the products we buy, and the magazines we read all reflect who we are as people. While making the choice is seldom difficult, finding a means of exploring and expressing oneself can be.

The Soko Company, an online organization that presents leading lifestyle websites, is one such company that is helping to close the gap. By connecting lifestyle readers and the advertisers who want to reach them, with the click of a mouse, Soko provides an online digital portal of information, and consumer-vendor interaction.

Jonathan Davids is the man behind the curtain at The Soko Company. Starting originally as a lifestyle magazine,, the company and its founder have found new ways of enticing an ever-growing audience and legion of advertisers to its web pages. With the addition of video productions services, Soko Company now serves as an umbrella corporation that includes lifestyle sites dedicated to fashion ( and automotive (

Here, Jonathan Davids details his experiences as an entrepreneur and how he transformed a few thousand dollars into an online business that attracts a monthly audience of a quarter of a million readers.

Q. Why did you start

A. I got the idea for this site because I know that social networking is definitely not going anywhere. People are using it more and more and its getting bigger not only on the consumer side, but on the business side as well. Businesses are realizing how powerful social networking is.

livedressdotcomWhile there’s already plenty of competition out there for sites that link people with their friends, I thought, “What about trying to link people with businesses that can serve them?” and more specifically I thought, “What about focusing on fashion because people love to shop and fashion is a huge part of our culture.” So I launched to merge people’s love for shopping and fashion with the social networking phenomenon.