How to stand out during the fall campus recruitment season


On college and university campuses across Canada in the coming weeks, some of Canada’s top employers will be holding information sessions, attending career fairs and reaching out to students in every possible way. Do you have a plan of attack yet?

While we find that most students are far too busy settling into the new academic year to even notice that these events are taking place on campus almost every day (that’s why we started TalentEgg: it’s like a campus career fair that’s happening 24 hours a day every day of the year), employers still compete with each other each fall to attract Canada’s top young talent. (For more information on the fall recruitment rush, see Lauren’s article Students, start your job hunt now (not in April).)

If you are interested in checking out the recruiting events happening at your school, don’t forget to:

Check your career centre’s website

Details on the dates and times of each information session and career fair should be listed in calendar format on your school’s career centre website. Do a bit of research on each company, take note of the info sessions and fairs you would like to attend, and see if they’ll fit into your busy schedule.

Call or visit your career centre ahead of time for more specific information

Career centres often post only the most basic information on the website: date, time and location. Talk to someone who works at the career centre about:

  • what types of roles the companies you’re interested in are hiring for. Are they relevant to your past experience and what you want to do in the future?
  • which programs those companies are aiming to recruit from – they often target only one or a few programs or faculties
  • who (as in the individual people) will be representing the companies you’re interested at your school?
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