How NOT to start your cover letter


In my opinion, cover letters are one of the most difficult aspects of applying for jobs. There’s a fine line between being interesting and boring, funny and cheesy, informative and giving too much information.

Over at The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl, there’s a recent guest post which tells job hunters exactly how not to start their cover letters (and I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another):

This is the most boring intro line because everyone uses it:

“Please accept my resume for consideration of the (XYZ) position within your organization.”

What a snoozer! Everyone uses that line, let’s see… being like everyone else isn’t going to get you very far in your job search now, is it? No, it’s not.

Check out the rest of the article for tips on how to construct an attention-grabbing opening line for various jobs and industries.

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