Friday Finds: Long weekend reading (and watching)


Working the arts: Arts grads tend to be more well rounded

Financial Post – “It is important to show what you can bring to the table, Mr. Lewis says. ‘You should be able to say, ‘Here’s how my schooling/experience applies in your area.’ Talk to us about how we can use our software, how you can understand behaviour and articulate pain points, how you are able to communicate images, and all the pieces that show how your expertise fits our world.'”

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University students turning to downloadable textbooks

Maclean’s OnCampus – “The National Association of College Stores – a U.S. group that also represents 72 Canadian stores – predicts that digital textbooks, while currently representing only a tiny portion of the market, could account for 15 per cent of all university textbook sales by 2011-12.”

In my first year of university I wish I had …

The Globe and Mail – “In my first year of university I wish I had gotten to know – and done drugs with – my professors. . . . I regret not getting close to at least a few profs for that reason, but lately another, deeper regret has surfaced – that I didn’t get drunk or high with them.”

Fake Facebook groups targeting students

University Affairs – “However, the fake ‘Class of’ Facebook groups are set up by individuals with no connection to the university they purport to represent. It appears they are creating these fake groups to collect personal information on the students to be used for marketing purposes.”

Grads pay to play, coughing up for unpaid internships

iconowatch – “With the job market tanking, recent grads have started vying for the only hot ticket in town: unpaid internships. To give their kids an edge, some families are paying to play, spending as much as $8,000 to land nonpaying gigs.”

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