Post-grad diploma or MBA: Which will land you a job faster?


What should you expect from postgraduate diploma and MBA programs?


That’s the point isn’t it?

The accumulation of all of this skill, knowledge and experience – it has a purpose. The whole school part is an adventure and all, but the main purpose of all of this is to get into that career you’ve been dreaming of!

So what kind of jobs are we looking at? How are these schools helping you?!

The idea behind the post-grad diploma is that the school’s previous contacts hire on students from the program for an internship. These contacts are from big and small companies, from small advertising agencies to worldwide hotel chains. Although an internship doesn’t guarantee a job, a lot of graduates are hired on afterwards.

On all of the post-graduate diploma school’s sites, there is a huge focus on jobs. Jobs students can get when they’re done, companies the school has worked with previously and often looking at where their graduates are now. The jobs found are typically entry-level in the student’s field of interest.

On most MBA school’s websites, jobs aren’t really mentioned. The MBA is viewed in the eyes of its institution typically as a preparation tool for their graduates to work anywhere. However, there is definitely focus on their graduates working with large, international companies, with a focus on management.

As a graduate of a post-grad program and a current MBA student, I have gained a first-hand perspective on both and find that the programs aren’t always as they seem.

I recently started an MBA program, and although jobs weren’t really mentioned on the website, there is a HUGE focus on jobs in the MBA program that I wasn’t even aware of. I thought the program would be very cold and classroom-oriented, but there are so many resources dedicated toward helping the program in terms of staff, support team, facilities, events, etc. There is someone to help you find an internship/job in your field of interest and with your targeted companies. Needless to say, I am impressed so far.


My college program had a huge ‘get a job’ focus and there are still people I know that are without employment. I am sure a lot of it can be attributed to the economic situation, but it is interesting to note. The internships offered weren’t particularly abundant or attractive, and many people I know had to use their personal resources to find something to fill their internship hours. I was under the impression from the way these programs were advertised that the school was much more active in getting you the job.

That’s just my opinion and I’ll be telling you about my first-hand experiences throughout the year.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be speaking with graduates and students of MBA and post-graduate diploma programs for a behind the scenes look at these two types of programs to see if they live up to their reputations and expectations.

About the author

Alison Backman is a student at Ryerson University's Global MBA program, with an interest in international business and marketing. She holds a BA in psychology and sociology from Acadia University. After completing university, she worked with the YMCA at a not-for-profit children's camp and travelled Central America. This past year, she completed a marketing post-graduate program at Humber College.